Bryan (untested) wrote in basementnobilis,

January scheduling

A little late, but with good cause I think. I'm not sure what everyone else's schedule is like, but I'd like to see us get together either this next Saturday(the 14th) at any time, or one Friday morning/early afternoon this month if that proves impossible.

I've started school again, so scheduling has become a bit tougher. I am also speaking with a prospective player about addition to the group. It's unlikely he'd be joining this month, but if he seems a likely sort I'll be dragging him into this community to see what's what.

We should probably communicate more, and to do that we would be well served by having IM communication available. I use the MSN account If you don't already have me, add me. If you do already have me, that's good to know. If we can all use IMs to communicate, we could plan meetings that don't necessarily involve us all dragging our bones off to one specific place when we're busy elsewhere. Which can only help communication. I had hoped this community would be a sufficient tool for that job, but I was mistaken.

Hope to see you all very soon.
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