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Deadline Imperator - later I write the Chancel if Thomas does not

Yours is an Imperator who in modern times has come to be known as the Smiling Lady, though it is widely believed that the Queen in Rags is her oldest title. Her name, Veledime, is not so well known outside the Familia Celestis she has formed.

She set up chancel fairly recently, and the Angels whisper it was at the request of the Fallen due to the uncharacteristic sympathy she has shown that foreign faction in the last few centuries. She is seen by her fellow Darklords as a bit of an extremist, or a great deviant depending on their perspective. It is her opinion that any Human who does not cause or at least contribute significantly to their own destruction has failed to recognize their full potential, and thus has failed to do their part in validating HER OWN existence. So saying, she has a very great respect for the humanity that must be her victim.

She has been very picky in her selection of Nobles. Some would say she has been careless in taking so long to finish the construction of her first Familia, but she would have no part in a high servitor whose choosing did not in some way rob humans of some of their lifestuff.

First among her chosen, nearly half a decade past, was a creature she described as "so enamoured with the idea of becoming everything that she has become a little Nothing for me." More recently, she has taken one of the gods of mankind's legend. In so doing, she laughingly claimed that the last great myths of cleverness left to these people had already been told, the part of them they love best converted to a new calling. (In retaliation, that same year no fewer than 3 other trickster gods are reputed to have been enNobled, and easily a dozen anchored by various Light-aligned agents. The Imperators and Nobles responsible were aghast at the realization that after becoming the Creatures of higher beings, these gods ceased being the Creatures man strived to emulate. The Changeling was instructed to perform the nettle rite here for the sake of cruelty.) Most recent among her acquisitions is a girl that almost immediately bound the better part of her Selfness in the Chancel. She is still growing used to her Noble status, but the chancel dwellers have done everything in their power, and at every possible cost, to make her acclimatization easier.

Since burying herself in the Earth, Veledime has been fairly inactive on the physical realm. She sits in a cage at the heart of the Chancel, a hundred million spiders working endlessly to build and keep strong the cage that lives under the strain of that morbidly obese, laughing hag.

In her dealings with her Nobles she is truly respectful, giving them wide powers over their course of action in any situation, and leaving to them the decision of what is worthy of their attention the majority of the time. She is criticized by some for doing so with regards to the Power of Mutability, who rumour has it is just an Excrucian placed in that position to gather information and tolerated for her competence in carrying out Veledime's atrocities. Most of the time that's chocked up to propaganda, though no one's really sure whose.
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