Bryan (untested) wrote in basementnobilis,

On Imperator, Chancel, and Association

Alright folks, the last power has been made. It's now time to make an Imperator.

You are the powers of Spiders, Mutability and Mirth/Euphoria in order of estate decision time.

Your Imperator is Cold, Respectful, Soul-Twisted and Inept in the field of Ethics.

What I'd like you to do: Choose your Imperator's type (Angel, Fallen, Wild/Light/Dark Lord, Serpent or True God).

I'd also like you to decide how old the Imperator is. Have they been around since before time, or were they a more recent addition? If so, what point in time might be their origin? Mind, as we're speaking in terms of Celestial Time, your Estates need not be older than a few weeks.

Further, attempt to decide on appearance, methods of interaction with characters, and other such things.

Thomas is currently working on the Chancel, and I would like him to post his vision of the Chancel ASAP.

I'd like a list of 3-5 things that are associated with your estate, over which you exhibit limited power using Domain.

Also, I'd like to know what symbol(s) your character uses to represent their estate. Flowers are traditional, however other symbolism works just fine. Yes, it must be symbolic.
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