Bryan (untested) wrote in basementnobilis,

On Imperator, Chancel, and Association

Alright folks, the last power has been made. It's now time to make an Imperator.

You are the powers of Spiders, Mutability and Mirth/Euphoria in order of estate decision time.

Your Imperator is Cold, Respectful, Soul-Twisted and Inept in the field of Ethics.

What I'd like you to do: Choose your Imperator's type (Angel, Fallen, Wild/Light/Dark Lord, Serpent or True God).

I'd also like you to decide how old the Imperator is. Have they been around since before time, or were they a more recent addition? If so, what point in time might be their origin? Mind, as we're speaking in terms of Celestial Time, your Estates need not be older than a few weeks.

Further, attempt to decide on appearance, methods of interaction with characters, and other such things.

Thomas is currently working on the Chancel, and I would like him to post his vision of the Chancel ASAP.

I'd like a list of 3-5 things that are associated with your estate, over which you exhibit limited power using Domain.

Also, I'd like to know what symbol(s) your character uses to represent their estate. Flowers are traditional, however other symbolism works just fine. Yes, it must be symbolic.
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i'd think given some of the things decided about our imperator, like us needing to adhere to the code of the Dark that is some kind of Dark lord or Fallen...
Right, I've got the basics worked out, I'm currently putting everything to paper and trying to get details sorted out. I've set myself a deadline for this Thrusday, so I can present the final version to you for opinions and whatnot.

As for association, I've pretty much abandoned mirth entirely, and I'm jsut gonna go with euphoria. So for symbolism, the poppy, or to be more specific, the opium poppy. Symbolic and practical, how's that?

I'm personally in favor of having an imperator that's about as old as humanity, who is fallen, and dark. As well as a true god. But I'm pretty mutable on these things.
I like most of what you've said for an imperator except for maybe the true god business. not so sure on that one. but I may be convinced to change my mind on that.
and i'm still not sure of my symbol because well it's really hard to pick something to represent mutability. tho I think I should have the sea as something associatd with my Estate. after all the sea is famous for being mutable.

Deleted comment's two to one on him being Dark as opposed to Wild. I think wecan reconcile his relative youth with being only as old as Humanity. as I think we're newcomers in the celestial timeframe or could be.

In addition to being associated with the sea, there is Women and the weather.
still can't come up with a symbol. unless I can have something that looks like the Logrus from Amber? As in a shape that keeps changing. It looks like a line thta keeps wrigling around into new shapes.
You may consider having something which represents your estate but is not necessarily exclusively a part of it. Putty, perhaps? Unfired clay?

Ideally it is something which is available and obtainable through mundane, or at most modestly epic means.
Alright. Symbols hold power, and symbolic representations of your character and their estate allow other Nobles to identify and communicate with you.

Traditionally, these are flowers which are obtainable in prosaic and/or mythic reality. From time to time Nobles have used patterns, cards, and very specifically crafted items instead. These, too, must be obtainable in prosaid and/or mythic reality, otherwise they serve no purpose.

Deleted comment

I don't see why not. Go nuts. Fuck I'm sleepy.
Okay, at least we're all agreed the Imperator is young. Being an Imperator of Humanity(Light or Dark Lord) ensures this.

The Imperator types I've heard mentioned were Fallen(x2), Dark(x2), Wild(x1) and True God(x1) with -True God(x1). This leaves Fallen and Dark at the top of our lists, and Dark the most practical, as it is either a Darklord or some other Imperator type with Dark leanings.

Celestial Time, by way of explanation, is Creation's "atomic clock". Ever since time started, this is how it is measured given the malleability of other kinds of time. Celestial time always travels forward at a steady pace, has a clearly defined beginning point, and will have a clearly defined ending point. Prosaic and mythic time can curl into pretzels, such that in the next instant of celestial time it may be ANY point in their time, or any dozen of them.

How long have you folks been Noble, again?

Also, if you wish to define character traits for your Imperator, now is a good time. Appearance, behaviours, speech pattern, whatever.
mine has been a noble for quite some time. probably since the dark ages.