Bryan (untested) wrote in basementnobilis,

chancel creation

Thomas' chancel creation succeeded!

Here's what we've got, Angela, feel free to weigh in on something that you feel should change.\

Josh, if anything drastically offends you, say as much.

Population: 300,000 or so.

The chancel is Convenient (can be accessed from warehouses anywhere)

The chancel has banes. Banes. (What the fuck are the banes, Thomas?)

The chancel has many magical inhabitants. (People in this place have a habit of having a variety of magical powers and natures.)

The chancel has a mana mine worth 3 MPs per session. (That means you can access three extra FREE miracle points(between the three of you) per game session.)

Deviant Technology. As of yet undefined. (For "whatever" reason, the technology in your chancel is freaky-weird and doesn't work outside the chancel. Be they turtle-cellphones or windpowered supercomputers, they just don't work anywhere else.)

Originally crafted from a warehouse district, the Trifold Repository is connected to every warehouse across the world. The outer edges are a vast maze-like warehouse. many square kilometers across. The inhabitatns here appear to be men in blue coveralls, hard hats and gloves. They move about, performing unknown tasks to maintain the order of the outlands. Deeper in the chancel lies Nidhi's Realm, Fashioned after a giant cave, coloured lights and blaring electronic music rule, with it's many inhabitants riding the constant wave of euphoria in a giant orgy of hedonism. The inhabitants here appear at first glance to be candy-ravers, but on closer inspection, all the accessories, makeup and garish clothes are a part of their bodies. Next lies Anansi's realm, which appears like an industrial revolution warehouse. Dusty corners, large rafters and crawlspaces abound. The inhabitants here are large spiders and their prey. Further in is the realm of the Changeling, here chaos rules, with the landscape and inhabitants changing from moment to moment, day to day, without cease. Finally lies the Imperator's Shell, where the Smiling Lady rests.
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